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SISO is a community based organization, and our homes reflect that ideal. Our clients all know one another and are very much a community within a community. Each of the family homes we staff, and maintain, are a short walk from one another.

We started SISO in 2006 with the purchase of one family home and a contract to serve one individual. We had
 – más... zero employees. Over the years we have purchased or rented additional homes to better support the needs of Lane County’s ID/DD population. We have been very successful supporting individuals across the entire spectrum of support needs, with a focus on individuals with complex behavioral needs. SISO has continued to grow our organization out of our passion to provide the best possible person-centered supports that reflect Positive Behavior Supports and the principle of independence.

SISO currently operate 4 licensed homes in Eugene and Springfield. We presently support 16 individuals and employ approximately 50 well-qualified staff.

Our focus is threefold:

1) To provide the highest quality person-centered services that meet the complex, and ever-changing, needs of the individuals we support.

2) To ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, reaches their full potential in safe, supervised settings.

3) To conduct our business endeavors ethically, sustainably, and with fiscal responsibility.


We envision a world where all persons achieve community inclusion, develop meaningful relationships, and have opportunities to learn the independence necessary to accomplish their dreams.


To enrich the lives of the individuals we support by providing a variety of person-centered services that promote independence, inclusion, and self-determination in a safe and compassionate environment.

The goals of SISO’s mission are:

• To develop individualized supports that meets the client’s needs, and to help them achieve their short-

term and long-term goals.

• To train our staff members to sufficiently provide these supports and improve their understanding of

Intellectual Disabilities/Developmental Disabilities and mental health disorders.

• To continually innovate and identify ways to improve the quality of our services at every level.

• To network with like-minded agencies to maximize the quality of our client’s lives.

• To maintain loving, warm, well-kept family homes in welcoming, inclusive communities.

• To offer our clients an abundance of opportunities to experience new things and make new connections

in their community.


We believe that with the right innovations and thoughtful supports, all people, regardless of the scope or degree of their disability can live dignified lives with as much independence as possible.


Fun, Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Reliability, Support, Positivity, Hard Work, Professionalism, Innovation, Teamwork and more Teamwork!
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