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Management is only only out for #1. They don't care about taking care of the operations level employee, and use a point system that makes you feel like you're in kindergarten. Example: 6:00 is the time your shift starts, and you clock in at 6:00, G4s says your late and you get dinged 1 point for clocking in on time. 5 points and you're fired for clocking in on time. They lie during the interview process, and promise paid vacation time, but once you start working if you take vacation it's unpaid, and if you take unpaid vacation you get dinged a point for causing overtime to cover the shift. Got a sick child at home and take time off to care for your child? Tough, you get hit with another point against you for causing overtime. They don't care about the employee or their families only the dollars that fund the contract. You'd be better off going someplace and asking "would you like fries with that?" You'll likely be treated with more respect and dignity than at G4s. They also seem to have issues with paying people for training, and when you question it they tell you they don't know how to solve the issue, and avoid paying you for the time. Kinda illegal, but they are a big corporation and they get away with it. Try to get things corrected long enough and they'll just use the point system to fire you so you can't claim unemployment. They are a real gem of a company. I wasn't let go or fired, and only hope to let Firefighters know that they won't be treated like professionals, and you get to also perform security work. How do you meet OSHA 2 in, 2 out standards to fight fire if - 




Management, point system
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