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Evaluaciones de Customs Officer en G4S en Tuscaloosa, AL

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A typical day at work on the site is showing up, clocking in and going to your assigned duty station. I didn't really learn anything except that this city is full of weirdos. Management is easily the worst part about this job. Once I got hired, they give you a crash course on everything you are supposed to do, then they expect you to remember a million things right away and get angry when you forget which key out of like 60 is supposed to unlock a door on the 10th floor. Every supervisor on my shift seems to have anger issues or is slightly racist. They tell you if you are confused about something or just don't know what to do, then ask them. BUT when you do, they yell at you or get really annoyed. There is also way too much favoritism. They give the easiest positions to officers they are buddies with, and don't really care about mistakes if they make any. The pretty white girl is going to be treated like a goddess. Hardest part of the job? Its not really hard work, but it takes a toll on you mentally having to deal with getting yelled at by your supervisors with threats of being terminated, getting treated like a subhuman by the nurses you work with AND having to deal with irate visitors and patients. They all work together effectively to drive you insane. Although this only applies to the triage area. Every other duty station seems like a cake walk since you dont have to deal with idiot customers. I did not enjoy working here, which is why I left shortly after getting hired. Just not worth it at all when I have much better options.
easy work, they will hire literally anybody
favoritism for certain officers, can be pretty stressful in the triage area, lack of good management, turn over rate is extremely high
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