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Es una buena empresa, más allá de una que otra persona que desentona, hay muy buenas personas, muy seria y responsable que generan buen ambiente.
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G4 jobcentres

No training just stand around allday a dull and boring job for anyone under 60 no prospects of any future and a wage of £9.80 the cleaner here earns more i wouldn’t bother with this company even if desperate
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Muy adecuada

Todos los filtros que requería la empresa los di sin ningún ocultamiento fui muy transparente.
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Treated poorly

At G4S they treat their staff with little to no respect. The pay is horrendous and they won’t give pay rises even though the managers get a massive bonus every year. The environment/people tend to be bullies and two faced. The managers expect you to do overtime and don’t appreciate when you do.
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Poor company to what it was

Was a great company when it was group 4 the merger with securicor it went down hill a bit but otherwise was ok happy times though sad I left but new owners should turn it around in time
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Job was good, but sometimes long hours

It would of been a lot better if the Fresno office and the Bakersfield office and the San Francisco office were all on the same page with the paperwork and medical.
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Great management good pay good training.

I like working for this company because the managers were very supportive , the pay was good and the job sites were mostly safe. The hard part of the job was trying to make sure that the people that worked on site followed their own safety rules.


Very professional people


Some workers were not professional, but had to work with anyway.
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Good place to work. Good stable company .

Good work ethics. Opportunity for progress in your career. Friendly and helpful colleagues. Lot's of extra hours available. Bit low pay independent of site.


Stable company /proper contract


Long hours /usually 12h shift
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Best Security company in Ireland

Good pay master, compensation for extra work and overtime.Some people direly need orientation on humanity ,discrimination and equality.Complaint redressal system is bit weak.
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Great Staff and Managers

The Company is great and Staff. It's the corruption of our hearts that we make it uncool to work at any given location. Fellow peoples need to have Good hearts. Don't blame the office or G4s, blame yourselves if something goes the otherwise. It's up to you to say Stop or no to anything negative that comes our ways. That's what I do. Be wise. Be a Jesus christ lover. Honor your family and friends. Be honorable and grateful for everything and anything 🙏
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Great experience

Great company to work for. Has its ups and downs like any job but overall one of the best cultures around especially in the security sector. Career development and advancement was in place, plenty of opportunity to grow within the organization
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You really just gotta try and make it fun 😊

Well team I work with were very understanding. We look out for one another comutincation is not so great observe and report yes. It was a hotel dusit.
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Good Posts but low pay

G4S had really good posts with good hours and decent staff. The downside is that the pay is low and stagnant. There are no raises and little to no opportunities for advancement. All in all it is a decent job if you need something but if you are looking for progression I wouldn’t suggest this company.
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Lingkungan kerja yang nyaman dan menyenangkan

Bekerja di G4S sangatlah nyaman dan enyenangkan karena sesama rekan kerja serasa saudara, saling membantu.
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Good work available

Some good work available with G4S. Lots of excellent events to work at. Pay no better or worse than from other security companies. Some supervisors good.


Good events


Long hours
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good pay if armed but you are expected to stand outside in terrible weather with all your gear on with only 5min breaks to help in harsh weather. no payed holidays
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I like this job .and this is my dream job.I am every time happy and keep smile on my face in my duty area.

G4S company is.a good opportunity by security job.This company are management is very good.Company rule and deciplaine is okay.I like this company job and company rule.
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Service honorable

Je souhaite continuer le service de sécurité avec cette entreprise ailleurs et dans un autre pays Europénne pour améliorer ma situation sociale.


Aucun point positif


Le salaire est insuffisant
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Gestapo work environment

All I can say is don't work here if you have a family or a life at all. They want you to sacrifice your home life for low paying wage and they require full dedication..trust me, not a family friendly place to work for.. you'll see
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Just your normal untrustworthy security firm with clients that doesn't care too much. If you need a job where there's not too mu h thinking and lots of free time.
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Op locatie goed, ondersteuning waardeloos

Slechte werkomstsandigheden. Zonder overleg van post geruild met een persoon die aldaar in slaap was gevallen.
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